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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the birthday party costs?

Toddler Parties- the cost includes the space, 3-4 activities with one guaranteed to be able to be taken home (after they complete at the party), 10 kids, and learning lagoon time.

Older Kid Parties- include the activity chosen, some extra play activities, and 10 kids.

Does the $10 for the Learning Lagoon really mean I can play all day?

Yes, ALL DAY PLAY! Come and go as you need throughout the day, but it really does mean all day!

Is it okay that I registered under my name instead of my child’s?

Yes, that is totally fine - we will get the kiddos name at drop off!

What is the difference between tinkrLAB and tinkr2.0?

tinkrLAB is the location of our childcare and preschool, while tinkr2.0 is the location where all of our events open to the public are hosted.

Does my child need to bring anything to camp or No School Day?

Please bring your child a snack for the morning or afternoon session (two snacks if they are registered for a full day of camp). Any food that you pack must be NUT FREE, as we are a nut free facility. If your child is staying for a full day, they will also need to pack a lunch. You also have the option to pick your child up for lunch if you would rather do that instead. If your child is attending a No School Day, you will need to pack them two snacks and a lunch (if it is a full day).

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