Techno kids - marble Trax- Fun Trax


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  • An introduction to mechanics & engineering – Suitable for children from 3 years and up, The Techno Kids Fun Trax set is designed to introduce your child to the basics of mechanics and engineering, building skills that will grow as they develop. The kit contains 30 chunky pieces, So children can experiment with building different marble runs and enjoy playing with their creations
  • Develop problem-solving skills – Children will love the challenge of putting the pieces together in the correct way and along the way they will be Exercising their ability to solve problems and using trial and error to complete the task
  • Develop motor skills – The durable pieces and making all the pieces fit together provides a gentle challenge to the child's developing motor skills. The pieces are chunky and designed for little hands so that the more the child practices, the more adept they will become at building exciting new marble runs
  • Inspire creative thinking – Children will be inspired to invent their own amazing creations and to think about how the machines in the world around them work
  • Boost confidence – Assembling their own moving, working toy and then playing with it is a fantastic boost to any child's self-esteem. Your child's confidence in their own ability will soar, encouraging them to use their new-found skills and develop them further