Microscope Kids

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Interactive Microscope Kit for Kids – A fun and engaging way to get children excited about STEM learning and science this child’s microscope set comes with a zoomable microscope, projector, blank and pre-made specimen slides, tools, and more.
In-Depth View with Three Zoom Levels – Our compound microscope for kids lets them zoom 50x-100x, 200x-400x, and 600x-1200x to let them really get a close-up look at organisms, cells, and the finer details of scientific structures.
Blank and Prepared Super Slides – We’ve included microscope slides with specimens for kids with fun things to look at like butterfly and dragonfly wings, a fruit fly, shrimp, and more. Each bundle also comes with 6 blank sides for custom ideas.
Color Filters, Tools, and Containers – To really enhance scientific learning we’ve added reusable color filters to enhance view clarity, 4 pre-filled containers with shrimp eggs, sea salt, and materials, and tools like tweezers and an eyedropper.