MEGA Rock, Fossil and Mineral Activity Kit


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Wouldn't it be great if nature just provided labels, stuck onto everything you came across? You'd know exactly what you found, whether it be a Jack Russell Terrier, a Parodia Cactus, or a Whirligig Beetle! instead, we have to get smart about nature by studying it - comparing what we find to what people have written and drawn, to find the matches. ln this kit, you'll get to do just that! We've given you lots of mysteries to solve and a huge Learning Mat to use to compare what you find to their pictures and descriptions: You have 30 polished gems, 30 rough gems, 3 bonus peculiar rocks and minerals, 10 fragile fossils that you can put in a special display box once you've identified them, and a bag of all types of rocks and minerals. Some of this last group you'll find on your mat - but for some, you'll need to do some extra detective work on the internet to solve the mystery. We've also included your all-important magnifying glass, and an extra sachet in which to save your favorite gems and minerals. Yes, the earth holds millions and millions of secrets, and it would take a lifetime to discover them all. As you can see, it is time to put away your map and your shovel. We've brought the treasure to you. Now it's your turn to figure out what you've got.