little dudes


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These lil dudes love chilling out in the sun, catching some rays and working on their punked up hairstyles. Teach your children how to water and care for living plants with these adorkable dudes. Each pot contains Rye grass seeds that are guaranteed to grow so long as they're watered and given some vitamin D. Once the grass has grown, feel free to cut it and style it, making the dudes look even more gnarly than before.


A set of three radical rebels who need help with their hair Ceramic planting pots you can re-use Pop on your windowsill and watch the greenery grow All they need is water and the Rye grass is sure to sprout

Comes in a pack of 3 care-free poses: hands on hips, arms folded, hands behind head Made of white ceramic Seeds will germinate within 14 days Dudes measure between 7cm and 8cm (without sprouting grass) Can be re-uséd for other planting once Rye grass dies