Interlocking Wheel/Gear STEM Buildiing Set

Picasso Tiles

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PicassoTiles® PTW184 184pcs 3D Interlocking Gear Spinning Wheel Toy Kit Deluxe STEAM Building Set w/ Construction Stabilizer Base and Turning Chain Link


  • Create an interlocking building blocks and gear wheels of construction puzzle.
  • Comes with structual base for quick and easy setup.
  • Play set includes 184 pieces of interlocking Wheel/Gear.
  • PTW184 is designed to help children develop creativity and imagination while playing.
  • Children can acquire strong sense of color, geometrical shapes including number counts & architectural design at an early age.

In The Box:

  • PicassoTiles® PTW184 Interlocking Wheel/Gear STEAM Building Block Set