Gears Go!

Circuit Cubes

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Circuit Cubes Gears GO! Kids learn the basics of mechanical engineering and circuits as they engage in unprescribed, creative play. Build at least five different vehicles with the contents of this multi-vehicle launch kit. This kit comes with a rechargeable Battery Cube, Motor Cube, RGB LED Cube, and a total of 71 parts (bricks, wheels, gears, axels, vehicle templates, connection wires). Combine the launch kit contents with your imagination and existing LEGO parts to create your own vehicle, mech monster, and other animated creations!


•  Motor Cube, RGB LED Cube, Battery Cube
•  Bricks, wheels, gears, wires & vehicle templates
•  Instructions for five vehicle projects & more!
•  80+ hours of creative play
  Seamless circuit connectivity (no soldering)
•  Safety tested & approved for ages 8+
  Created by STEM teachers, tested & approved by kids