tinkrCAMP | Summer Camps for grades 2nd-8th


If you have a kid that loves to make, invent, explore and be creative this camp is for them! TinkrCAMP is a full week of discovering STEM while having fun. Each day at tinkrCAMP will have a new theme with a parent showcase at the end of the week to show off what your inventor has made all week.

tinkrCAMP Full Day Schedule - 2nd-6th Grade:              tinkrCAMP Half Day Schedule - 6th-8th Grade:
Day 1: Take Apart and Invention                                             VEX Robotics
Day 2: Stop Motion Animation                                                 Intro to JAVA Coding with Minecraft
Day 3: Structures and Hydraulics                                          Let's Start Coding
Day 4: Circuits                                                                                Intro to Python Coding with Minecraft
Day 5: Toy Hack


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