Field Trips

Welcome to tinkrLAB!
tinkrLAB Field Trips are built for YOUR Maker, Inventor and Tinkerer. During your field trip, your child will experience innovative and interactive projects that will inspire their inner curiosity.
Our tinkrLAB Field Trips include everything each child will need to have fun and complete their project.
In each session, they'll explore what it means to be a Maker, make new friends, and build STEAM based skills that last long after their Field Trip experience at tinkrLAB.

Daycare/Preschool Trips for 2-5 years

Build It! | $10/kid

For our littlest tinkrLAB kids. This is perfect for 2-4 year olds. Focusing on hands-on building and making, color sorting, counting, matching, building and shape recognition. Get those little hands moving and those little brains discovering.

Sensory | $10/kid

Working with different textures, shapes and materials. Sensory play supports language development, cognitive growth, motor skills, problem solving skills and social interaction.

Preschool Arts | $10/kid*

Make an art project using different materials to make their masterpiece. A hands-on and tactile focused field trip make sure to wear something to play in because we might get a little messy!


Trips for K-5 Grades

Kinder Coders (K-1 only) | $10/kid

Coding for little ones. In this 60 minute workshop your child will learn coding concepts through "unplugged" activities, programming robots and creating animations through code.

Robot Petting Zoo | $10/kid

This hands on field trip lets your students get hands on with different types of robots. Moving from station to station they will get to experience coding, building and operating robots. This hour long workshop  is so fun and engaging, the kids won't even know they are learning!

Toy Hack | $15/kid*

Think "Sid" from Toy Story. This wild project will spark creativity and laughter as the kids create more and more outrageous creatures and creations. Every child gets to take their own spectacular masterpieces home. 

Take Apart and Invention | $20/kid*

For our Elementary students, it's time to come take some stuff apart! Let's learn how things work and what is inside them. THEN we get to make our very OWN inventions to take home! Come up with an idea and make a prototype just like a real inventor!

Build a Brush Bot | $20/kid*

Taking ordinary materials we will make a functioning moving robot that will scrub it's way around your house.


*Kids get to take home their project!


Ask us about Custom Field Trips and Custom Pricing! 
Minimum number of kids per session
5 at tinkrLAB location
10 at YOUR location