Tiny Terrarium


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The Tiny Terrarium. A wonderfully tiny glass terrarium that is perfect for any spot you can find. Only 1.5 inches wide and as charming as can be! Tiny Terrariums are a vibrant, unique way to inject a little greenery into any space. The cactus will thrive as it conforms to the size of the terrarium. Cacti are easy to grow and require little water. Best result will form when placed in bright, indirect light or full sun.

Don't let the miniscule size of these darling terrariums scare you off! Measuring in at a tiny 1.5" wide, these cacti terrariums will last for years. Each package comes with a glass terrarium, the germination disc and instructions. This is a great family science project as children observe the cactus germinate, sprout and thrive as it conforms to the miniscule terrarium.


6 Varieties to choose from, collect them all!